“Cheers! for Charity” Program

Cheers for CharityIn Early 2011 we realized we had an impending crowd-control problem for Beer Fridays at our Belmont location.

Here’s how we addressed it:

“It’s funny how ideas evolve.

As Devil’s Canyon approaches its 10th year of operation we have had amazing support from our community and have always tried to give back as much as we could to local schools, charities and noble causes.

We open our doors once a month to the public so we can meet our fans, hear their ideas, blush from their praise and ponder their criticisms. As the brewery continues to grow so does the number of fans that show up for Beer Friday.  It can get crowded, what to do?

After much head scratching, night sweating and spreadsheet manipulating the only solution we could come up with that was viable was to raise our prices at Beer Friday. But it’s not about the money – it’s about crowd control. So how do we message that? How do we maintain our hometown philosophy but still present our fans with a great family and friends night out without looking greedy or aloof?

Well . . . You up the Karma ante. Introducing: Cheers! for Charity.

Starting at the April 29th, 2011 Beer Friday, $1.00 from each pint sold at the brewery will go to a (preferably local) charitable organization or non-profit group of our choosing.”

When we moved to our larger facility in San Carlos in June of 2013,  we all agreed we wanted to continue the practice of giving back to charitable organizations.

After all, being your local brewery means more than just selling our products, it means setting the standards for local stewardship as well.

Raise a pint with us and toast a program we are immensely proud of : Cheers! for Charity

2013 Recipients

01 – The Surfrider Foundation (San Mateo Chapter)
02 – Marine Science Institute
03 – San Carlos Hometown Days

2013 Recipients

01 – Hidden Villa
02 – Marine Science Institute
03 – San Carlos Hometown Days
04 – KQED Public Radio
05 – PAWS – Pets Are Wonderful Support
06 – Sempervirens Fund
07 – Rocket Dog Rescue
08 – San Carlos Educational Foundation
09 – Computers for Everyone
10 - School Force
11 – Once Upon A Feral
12  – Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara County

2012 Recipients

01-  Peninsula Humane Society and SCPA
02 – San Mateo / San Francisco 4-H
03 - Rich May Foundation
04 – KQED Public Radio
05 – Create-A-Wish: Virgen Family Fire Fund
06 – Peninsula Open Space Trust
07 – Belmont California Historical Society Museum
08 – Special Olympics, Northern California
09 – School Force
10 – Food Runners – Relaying Food to the Needy
11 -  The Volunteer Center
12  – Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara County

2011 Recipients

04 – Brian Stow Fund.
05 – Historic Union Cemetery Association of Redwood City
06 – Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Cancer Society
07 – San Mateo County History Museum
08 – The San Carlos Educational Foundation
09 – School Force
10 – Tree Media Foundation – Urban Roots
11 -  The Shelter Network
12  – Second Harvest Food Bank of San Mateo and Santa Clara County