Services /Programs

In addition to producing our own award-winning beer and root beer, Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company also provides contract manufacturing and packaging services (Type 23 California ABC Licenses) for both start-up and established breweries as well as various beverage companies needing the space and equipment to see their dreams come to fruition.

Past and present partners include:

Cherry Voodoo Brewing

Golden Star Tea Company

Lonjevitea Kombucha

Knee Deep Brewing

Two Monkeys Brewing


Pacific Brewing Laboratories

Pong Beer

Phatt Matt’s Brewing Co.

Note: We respect the decision for some partner companies to remain anonymous and have not listed them here.

Effective 01May11: Due to brewery expansion and the need to meet current customer demands were are not accepting new contract manufacturing partners.  Once the dust settles and we are in a position to provide the exemplary services our customers demand we will update this page and post notices through our various social media channels. (Facebook / Twitter)


In the meantime, please contact for questions about contract manufacturing and other services.