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Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company is firmly dedicated to supporting the local community. We receive an amazingly large number of donation requests and unfortunately, as much as we’d like to, we simply can’t support every fantastic event and worthwhile cause we are approached with.

March 2011 Update: Due to the ever growing number of donation requests and increased costs to run our business and pay our employees, we have changed our donation policies this year. We are pleased to offer wholesale rates to select non-profit organizations, but we will not be accepting any further requests/applications for straight donations.

If your non-profit organization would like to purchase products at our wholesale rate please complete the form below. Please keep in mind it costs us real world money to make our award-winning products. While we’d love to support all of the causes that we are approached with, at the end of the day we need to cover the cost of our supplies, equipment, employees, etc.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you and your organization all the best and a successful fund-raising event.

If you are looking for sponsorship, please see our Sponsorship Request page.

If you are just looking to purchase our products for your home or an event see our pricing page

Otherwise . . .

First – Let’s Keep it Timely and Legal:

  • California’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) laws only allow us to consider non-profit 501(c)3 and/or 501(c)6 organizations as recipients of charitable donations.


Second – Bureaucracy Speed-Bump!

You must obtain an ABC special daily license in the name of the non-profit the event is benefiting:


Our Executive Team meets the first week of each quarter to discuss donation requests, please submit your request no later than 6 weeks before the day of your event, and preferably before the quarter your event will take place in. We try to respond back within 1 week of your request.

Typical review dates are:

  • 1st Week of January
  • 1st Week of April
  • 1st Week of July
  • 1st Week of October

Of course we understand that events may sneak up or the brewery wasn’t initially considered as a donation source. If we are already in the quarter your event takes place in we will make exceptions in some cases.

Good To Go? Great! Let’s Fill in Some Forms!

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If your event spans multiple days please enter the days and the start / stop times of the event:

 Indoor Outdoors

 Casual Business Casual Formal

 One Location Several Locations

 Wristbands / Hand Stamps Applied at the Door
 ID’s Will Be Checked By Event Staff Beforehand
 Vendors Are Responsible For Checking ID

 Only Volunteers or Event Staff Will Pour (Devils Canyon Staff Can Be Present)
 Devil’s Canyon Staff And Event Staff Together
 Devil’s Canyon Staff Only
 Not Applicable (Private/Raffle/Etc.)


 Sold Complimentary

Donation Needs

If you are unsure, we would be happy to guide you with your beer selection (Styles, Amount, Jockey Box / Tap Decisions) – for reference:

  • A Growler is a 1/2 Gallon refillable Glass Bottle
  • A 5g keg will serve about 51 16oz pours or 72 12oz pours.
  • A 13.2g keg will serve about 134 16oz pours or 190 12oz pours.
  • A 15.5g keg will serve about 157 16oz pours or 223 12oz pours.


 Growler 5g 13.2g

 Growler 5g 13.2g

 Growler 5g 13.2g

 Growler 5g 13.2g

 Growler 5g 13.2g

 Growler 5g 15.5g

Jockey Boxes (?) or Bar Backs:
 Supplied At Event Please Bring

Event Marketing

It’s important that your event allows us to spread the word about Devil’s Canyon Brewery and the importance of supporting local businesses.
We prefer to be hands-on and on-premise with events. So, if you’re pitching just a logo placement, we’ll generally pass.

 Logo in Print Advertising
 Logo On Website
 Link to Our Website
 Logo on Posters/ T-shirts/ Etc.
 Mentions in Radio Advertising
 Signage at the Event


Last Thoughts

Once you hit SEND you will get a confirmation email to let you know your request has been received.

THANK YOU for thinking of us. Again, We are firmly dedicated to supporting the local community but as much as we’d like to, we simply can’t support every fantastic event and worthwhile cause we are approached with.

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