California Sunshine™ Rye IPA

California Sunshine Rye IPA
“Grassy, Grainy, Like Rye Bread”
14a: English IPA
14c: Imperial IPA

ABV: 7.1
IBU: 85



California Sunshine Rye IPA - 16oz 4-Pack of Cans 22oz Bottle -  California Sunshine Rye IPA
We were not trying to be revolutionary in 2002; we just wanted to brew an interesting beer style using extra ingredients we had on hand.The resulting contribution to craft beer’s renaissance was this paradigm shifting style of a rye-centric India Pale Ale.

At 85 IBU’s, California Sunshine™ Rye IPA is exceptionally well balanced with assertive hop bitterness, a toasty and bready malt mouth-feel, and a grassy, dry finish.

Enjoy our uniquely original re-imagining of a traditional unfiltered English style IPA while pondering being the craft beer polymath you surely are.

(Yes we re-used an old logo, it seemed a shame to let such a beautiful design go to waste)

California State Fair – Commercial Craft Brewery Awards
- Small Star: Certificates  – Large Star: Medals and Ribbons